Solving MySQL Error 2045: Shared Memory Connection Troubles

Understanding Error 2045

MySQL Error 2045 (CR_SHARED_MEMORY_CONNECT_ABANDONED_ERROR) occurs when a client attempts to connect to the MySQL server using shared memory on Windows, but the connection cannot be established. This error typically indicates that the server is not responding over the shared memory interface.

Approaches to Diagnose and Fix the Error

Cause 1: Shared Memory Not Enabled on the Server

The server might not have shared memory support enabled, which is required for this type of connection.


Enable shared memory support by editing the MySQL server’s configuration file (my.ini) to include the shared-memory option:


After making the change, restart the MySQL server.

Cause 2: Incorrect Shared Memory Base Name

The client and server might be configured with different shared memory base names.


Ensure that the shared memory base name is the same on both the client and server configurations. The default base name is “MYSQL”. Set the shared_memory_base_name option in my.ini on the server:


And use the same name in the client connection settings:

mysql_options(mysql, MYSQL_SHARED_MEMORY_BASE_NAME, "MYSQL");

Cause 3: Firewall or Security Software Blocking

A firewall or security software might be blocking the shared memory communication.


Configure your firewall or security software to allow MySQL to communicate via shared memory. This usually involves adding an exception for the mysqld.exe process.

Cause 4: Server Not Running

The MySQL server might not be running, preventing the client from establishing a shared memory connection.


Check that the MySQL server is running. On Windows, you can check the Services management console to see if the MySQL service is up and running.

Cause 5: Insufficient System Resources

The system might not have enough resources to establish a shared memory connection.


Close unnecessary applications to free up system resources, or consider increasing the system’s resources if this is a recurring issue.

Cause 6: Client and Server Version Mismatch

A version mismatch between the client and server can cause incompatibility issues.


Ensure that both the client and server are running compatible versions of MySQL. Upgrade if necessary to match the versions.

Cause 7: Server Overloaded

An overloaded server might not respond to connection requests in a timely manner.


Monitor the server’s performance and optimize the workload. If necessary, upgrade the server’s hardware to handle the load.


Error 2045 in MySQL is a specific issue related to shared memory connections on Windows. By checking shared memory settings, ensuring compatibility between client and server configurations, and addressing any potential system resource or security software issues, you can successfully resolve this error. Always remember to apply configuration changes with caution and to back up your settings before making adjustments.

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