Can you improve your Oracle database using Postgres?

Oracle is a great database. It is cutting edge and it has a huge team of developers behind it as well as massive funding.

There are not any areas where it lacks anything major that exists in other comparable databases.

The problem with Oracle is both that it is expensive in the first place, but also that all of the extras are chargeable and also expensive!

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High Availability Options in Oracle vs Postgres

Oracle is the database to beat in terms performance and features or at least is positioned that way. More importantly, if you are thinking of migrating from Oracle to Postgres to save money, you need to know that your new database has at least the same features at the one that you are moving from.

High availability is one of the most important concepts and features for a database system. For most enterprise level applications, downtime has a direct financial cost and the actual loss of some or all of your data would be catastrophic. 
You need to know that the system that you are moving to can protect your data as well as the system that you are on at the moment.

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Should you migrate to Postgres from Oracle?

The Oracle database has been the gold standard for enterprise applications for a long time now. It has great performance, solid reliability and most of the features that you could want are available. The big problem is that it is expensive. And I mean REALLY expensive. That’s just for the base product as well. All of the extra features that you might want are chargeable extras which means that wench developing for Oracle, you often have to work without some of the more advanced features because they would cost too much.

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What is an Oracle Service

Oracle services were a feature introduced in Oracle 10g. Their function is to simplify workload management by allowing you to group applications that share traits such as thresholds, priorities and attributes. The Oracle database is presented as a service and so you always have at least one service running. It is good practice to create …

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How to modify Voting disks in ASM

The process for modifying a votedisk that is stored on ASM differs from the process when the votedisk is stored on some other medium. When your voting disks are stored on ASM you can move them off to non ASM storage with the replace command: $ crsctl replace votedisk [path_to_new_votedisk] (this can be done from …

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Automatic OCR backups

Oracle CRS backs up the OCR automatically at regular intervals. The standard backup frequency and retention policies are Every 4 hours – keeping the last 3 copies. Every day (at the end) – keeping the last 2 copies. Every week (at the end) – keeping the last 2 copies.   You can find the location …

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