Diagnosing and Fixing the ORA-01288 Error in Oracle: Out of Transaction Table Slots for Distributed Transaction

If you are encountering the ORA-01288 error in Oracle, it means that the system has run out of transaction table slots for distributed transactions. This error can occur when there are too many open distributed transactions, and the system is unable to allocate additional slots.

To diagnose and fix the ORA-01288 error, you can follow the steps and solutions outlined below.

Diagnosing the ORA-01288 Error

When you encounter the ORA-01288 error, it is important to first identify the cause of the issue. You can start by checking the alert log for any related error messages. Additionally, you can use the following query to check the number of open distributed transactions:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM gv$transaction WHERE used_ublk > 0;

If the count returned by the query is close to the maximum number of transaction table slots, it indicates that the system is running out of slots for distributed transactions.

Fixing the ORA-01288 Error

There are several possible solutions to fix the ORA-01288 error:

1. Increase the Maximum Number of Transaction Table Slots

You can increase the maximum number of transaction table slots to accommodate more distributed transactions. To do this, you can modify the initialization parameter `DISTRIBUTED_TRANSACTIONS` in the database parameter file (init.ora or spfile) and then restart the database.


After making the change, restart the database for the new parameter value to take effect.

2. Close Unused Distributed Transactions

If there are open distributed transactions that are no longer needed, you can close them to free up transaction table slots. You can use the following query to identify and close inactive distributed transactions:

SELECT local_tran_id FROM gv$global_transaction WHERE state = 'ACTIVE';

Replace `local_tran_id` with the actual transaction ID obtained from the query.

3. Optimize Distributed Transactions

Review the application code and database transactions to optimize the use of distributed transactions. Consider reducing the number of distributed transactions or consolidating multiple transactions into a single distributed transaction where possible.


In conclusion, the ORA-01288 error in Oracle indicates that the system is running out of transaction table slots for distributed transactions. By diagnosing the cause of the error and implementing the appropriate solutions, you can effectively resolve the issue and prevent it from recurring in the future.

Remember to always consult the Oracle documentation and seek assistance from Oracle support for further guidance on dealing with database errors and performance tuning.

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