How to diagnose and fix the 1004 string_data_right_truncation error code in Postgres.

The 1004 error code does not correspond to a string_data_right_truncation error in Postgres. The string_data_right_truncation error typically has the SQLSTATE code 22001. This error occurs when an attempt is made to store a string in a column that is longer than the column’s maximum length. For example, trying to insert a 300-character string into a VARCHAR(255) column would trigger this error.

To diagnose and fix a string_data_right_truncation error in Postgres, you should:

  1. Check the length of the data you’re trying to insert or update against the column’s maximum length. Ensure that the data does not exceed this limit.
  2. If necessary, increase the column’s size using the ALTER TABLE command to accommodate larger strings. For example:
   ALTER TABLE your_table_name
   ALTER COLUMN your_column_name TYPE VARCHAR(new_size);

where new_size is the new maximum length for the column.

  1. Alternatively, if increasing the column size is not possible or desirable, you can truncate the data to fit into the column’s limit or choose a different column type like TEXT, which has a much larger size limit.

Here’s an example of how you might encounter and fix a string_data_right_truncation error:

Suppose you have a users table with a username column defined as VARCHAR(50), and you try to insert a username that is 60 characters long:

INSERT INTO users (username) VALUES ('a_very_long_username_that_exceeds_the_fifty_character_limit');

This would raise the string_data_right_truncation error because the username exceeds the 50-character limit. To fix this, you could either:

  • Truncate the username to 50 characters before insertion.
  • Alter the username column to allow more characters, if appropriate:

If you encounter this error and the details provided here do not help, you may want to refer to the PostgreSQL Error Codes documentation for further information.

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