How to diagnose and fix the 01P01 deprecated_feature error code in Postgres.

The 01P01 error code in PostgreSQL corresponds to a deprecated_feature warning. This warning is issued when you attempt to use a feature that has been marked as deprecated and is scheduled for removal in a future version of PostgreSQL.

To diagnose and fix a 01P01 deprecated_feature warning, you should:

  1. Identify the feature that is causing the warning. PostgreSQL should provide a message indicating which feature is deprecated.
  2. Consult the PostgreSQL documentation or release notes to understand why the feature has been deprecated and what alternatives are recommended.
  3. Update your code or database schema to use the recommended alternatives.

Here’s an example scenario where you might encounter the 01P01 warning:

Suppose you are using a function in PostgreSQL that has been marked as deprecated in the latest version. When you call this function, PostgreSQL might issue a warning like this:

WARNING:  01P01: deprecated_function is deprecated and will be removed in the next release

To fix this, you would:

  1. Look up the deprecated_function in the PostgreSQL documentation to find out what you should be using instead.
  2. Modify your database calls to replace deprecated_function with the new recommended approach.

For instance, if deprecated_function was a function to get the current time and it has been replaced with current_time_function, you would update your SQL from:

SELECT deprecated_function();


SELECT current_time_function();

Always ensure that your database is using features that are supported by your version of PostgreSQL to avoid running into issues with deprecated features. For more detailed information on PostgreSQL error codes, you can refer to the PostgreSQL Error Codes documentation.

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