Addressing MySQL Error 1345: Resolving Unknown File Types in Table Definitions

Understanding the Error

MySQL Error 1345, SQLSTATE HY000 (ER_FRM_UNKNOWN_TYPE), indicates that a table’s .frm file contains an unknown or unsupported file type in its header. The .frm file stores the table format (definition) for MyISAM tables in MySQL. If MySQL cannot recognize the file type specified in the .frm file, it cannot properly read or write to the associated table, leading to this error.

Diagnosing the Issue

To diagnose this error, you need to identify the affected table and understand the circumstances under which the error occurs. Common scenarios include:

  • Upgrading MySQL to a new version that does not support certain older file types.
  • Copying .frm files from a different MySQL version or system that uses file types not recognized by the current MySQL version.
  • File corruption that has altered the file type in the .frm header.

You can typically find the name of the affected table and the unknown file type in the error message itself. For example:

Error 1345 - SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_FRM_UNKNOWN_TYPE) File 'myTable.frm' has unknown type 'UNKNOWN' in its header

Solutions to Fix Error 1345

Restoring from a Backup

If the .frm file is corrupted or incompatible with your current version of MySQL, the best solution is to restore the table from a backup that was taken in the correct version of MySQL.

Downgrading MySQL

If the error occurred after upgrading MySQL and the file type is only supported in an older version, consider downgrading to the version of MySQL that supports the file type. However, downgrading should be a last resort, as it might not be compatible with other database elements or applications.

Re-creating the Table

If a backup is not available, you may need to re-create the table. If you have access to the data in another format (e.g., a CSV file), you can create a new table and import the data:

    -- Define table structure matching the original table


Converting Table Types

If you’ve copied .frm files from a different MySQL system, ensure that the table types are compatible. For instance, if the original system used a storage engine or file type that is not recognized by the current system, you may need to convert the table to a supported storage engine, like InnoDB:


This command should be executed on the original system before moving the .frm files.

Checking for File Corruption

If file corruption is suspected, check other files for signs of damage and consider running a file system check. Repairing the file system might resolve the issue if the corruption is not extensive.


When you encounter MySQL Error 1345, it’s essential to identify the affected table and take appropriate action based on whether the issue is due to version incompatibility, file corruption, or other causes. Restoring from a backup is often the simplest and most reliable solution. If that’s not possible, re-creating the table or converting table types might be necessary. Always ensure that you have recent backups before performing system upgrades or significant changes to prevent such errors.

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