Understanding and Resolving Oracle ORA-00822 Error


The Oracle ORA-00822 error is a common error code that indicates a problem with the shared pool memory in the Oracle database. The shared pool is a portion of the system global area (SGA) that is used to store shared data and control structures such as shared SQL areas, and the library cache. When this error occurs, it can lead to performance issues and application failures. The likely causes of this error include insufficient memory allocation, incorrect parameter settings, or system resource constraints.


Cause 1: Insufficient Memory Allocation

When the shared pool memory is not allocated enough memory, it can lead to the ORA-00822 error. This can happen if the memory settings are not properly configured or if the system does not have enough physical memory available.

SQL> show parameter shared_pool_size;

Solution for Cause 1

To resolve this issue, you can increase the shared pool size by modifying the initialization parameter file (init.ora) or using the ALTER SYSTEM command.

SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET shared_pool_size=500M;

Cause 2: Incorrect Parameter Settings

Incorrect parameter settings in the initialization parameter file can also cause the ORA-00822 error. This can happen if the shared pool parameters are not properly configured.

SQL> show parameter shared_pool;

Solution for Cause 2

To resolve this issue, you can review and modify the shared pool parameters in the initialization parameter file to ensure they are correctly configured.


Cause 3: System Resource Constraints

If the system is experiencing resource constraints such as CPU or memory limitations, it can lead to the ORA-00822 error.

Solution for Cause 3

To resolve this issue, you can monitor the system resources and address any constraints that may be impacting the shared pool memory allocation.

Detailed Solutions

A more detailed solution to prevent the ORA-00822 error from occurring in the future is to regularly monitor and tune the shared pool memory settings. This can involve conducting regular performance tuning exercises to identify any potential issues and make adjustments to the shared pool parameters as needed. Additionally, implementing best practices for memory management and capacity planning can help prevent this error from occurring.

Commonly Faced Issues

Commonly faced issues related to the ORA-00822 error include difficulties in identifying the root cause of the problem and determining the appropriate adjustments to the shared pool memory settings. To address these issues, it is important to use diagnostic tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager or AWR reports to analyze the system performance and identify any memory-related issues. Additionally, working with experienced database administrators can provide insights into best practices for resolving these issues.


Q: What is the recommended shared pool size to prevent the ORA-00822 error?
A: The recommended shared pool size can vary depending on the specific system requirements and workload. It is important to regularly monitor and adjust the shared pool size based on the system performance and usage patterns.

Q: How can I determine if the ORA-00822 error is impacting application performance?
A: You can use performance monitoring tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager or AWR reports to analyze the impact of the ORA-00822 error on application performance and identify any potential bottlenecks.

By following the recommended solutions and best practices, you can effectively address and prevent the ORA-00822 error in your Oracle database system.

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