Understanding and Resolving Oracle ORA-00499 Error


The Oracle ORA-00499 error is a critical error that indicates a failure in managing the System Global Area (SGA) for the Oracle database. The SGA is a shared memory area that contains data and control information for the database instance. When this error occurs, it can lead to system instability and potential data corruption. The likely causes of this error include incorrect configuration settings, insufficient memory resources, or hardware issues.


Incorrect Configuration Settings

One possible cause of the ORA-00499 error is incorrect configuration settings for the SGA. This can include parameters such as the size of the SGA, the number of components in the SGA, or the allocation of memory for specific components.


Insufficient Memory Resources

Another common cause of the ORA-00499 error is insufficient memory resources on the system. If the SGA is configured to use more memory than is available, it can lead to this error.


Hardware Issues

Hardware issues such as faulty memory modules or disk I/O problems can also result in the ORA-00499 error. These issues can cause the SGA to become corrupted or inaccessible, leading to the error.



Incorrect Configuration Settings

To resolve the ORA-00499 error caused by incorrect configuration settings, you should review and adjust the SGA parameters to ensure they are within the limits of the available memory resources.


Insufficient Memory Resources

If the error is due to insufficient memory resources, you can either increase the available memory on the system or adjust the SGA parameters to use less memory.


Hardware Issues

For hardware issues, you should perform a thorough diagnostic check of the system hardware to identify and resolve any faulty components. This may involve replacing memory modules, disk drives, or other hardware components.


Detailed Solutions

To prevent the ORA-00499 error from occurring in the future, it is essential to regularly monitor the system’s memory resources and SGA usage. This can be done using tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager or by implementing custom monitoring scripts. Additionally, you should ensure that the system hardware is regularly maintained and any faulty components are promptly replaced.

Commonly Faced Issues

Commonly faced issues related to the ORA-00499 error include difficulties in identifying the root cause of the error and determining the appropriate corrective actions. It is also common to encounter challenges in adjusting the SGA parameters to optimize memory usage without causing the error to recur.

To address these issues, it is important to thoroughly review the system’s configuration settings, monitor memory usage, and perform regular hardware maintenance. Additionally, seeking assistance from Oracle support or consulting with experienced database administrators can help in resolving these issues.


Q: What is the most common cause of the ORA-00499 error?
A: The most common cause is incorrect configuration settings for the SGA, leading to excessive memory usage.

Q: How can I determine the appropriate SGA parameters for my system?
A: You can use tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager or consult with a database administrator to determine the optimal SGA parameters for your system.

Q: Can hardware issues cause the ORA-00499 error?
A: Yes, hardware issues such as faulty memory modules or disk I/O problems can lead to the ORA-00499 error. Regular hardware maintenance is essential to prevent such issues.

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