Understanding and Fixing MySQL Error 1315 – SQLSTATE: 42000 (ER_UPDATE_LOG_DEPRECATED_TRANSLATED)

Dealing with MySQL Error 1315 can be quite straightforward once you understand what it entails. This error indicates that an attempt was made to use a feature that has been deprecated and replaced by a newer, more robust solution. Specifically, the update log has been deprecated in favor of the binary log, and any attempt to set the old SQL_LOG_UPDATE system variable will be automatically translated to SQL_LOG_BIN, which controls binary logging. Let’s dive into how to address this when it arises in your MySQL database operations.

Understanding Error 1315

Error 1315 occurs when you try to use the deprecated SQL_LOG_UPDATE system variable. The binary log, which is controlled by SQL_LOG_BIN, is a more modern feature that contains “events” that describe database changes such as table creation operations or changes to table data. It is used for replication and data recovery processes.

Diagnosing the Issue

The diagnosis for this error is typically straightforward: you have encountered a deprecated feature. If you see this error, it means that MySQL recognized an attempt to use SQL_LOG_UPDATE and automatically translated it to SQL_LOG_BIN.

Examples and Sample Code

Here are some examples and sample code to help you understand and avoid Error 1315:

Example 1: Trying to Enable the Update Log

In older versions of MySQL, you might have used the following command to enable the update log:


Since this feature is deprecated, you should now use the binary log equivalent:


Example 2: Trying to Disable the Update Log

Similarly, to disable the update log in older MySQL versions, you might have used:


Replace this with the binary log command:


Example 3: Update Log Reference in Scripts or Applications

If you have scripts or applications that were written for older versions of MySQL and they reference SQL_LOG_UPDATE, you will need to update those references to SQL_LOG_BIN.

-- Old script command
-- SET SQL_LOG_UPDATE = @old_value;

-- Updated script command
SET SQL_LOG_BIN = @old_value;


Error 1315 in MySQL is a reminder to update your database administration practices to use the current features of MySQL. The binary log is a powerful tool that has replaced the update log, and you should use SQL_LOG_BIN instead of the deprecated SQL_LOG_UPDATE. By doing so, you ensure compatibility with the latest MySQL features and best practices for database replication and recovery. Remember to review and update any legacy scripts or applications to align with the current MySQL functionality.

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