Tackling MySQL Error 2009 – CR_WRONG_HOST_INFO: A Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide

When working with MySQL, encountering Error 2009 – CR_WRONG_HOST_INFO can be a frustrating experience. This error typically indicates that there’s a problem with the host information provided during a connection attempt to the MySQL server. Understanding the root causes and exploring potential solutions is key to resolving this issue. Let’s go through the process of diagnosing and fixing this error with practical examples and sample code.

Understanding the Error

MySQL Error 2009 signifies that the client has supplied incorrect host information when trying to connect to the MySQL server. This could be due to various reasons, such as an incorrect hostname, IP address, or a problem with the DNS resolution.

Diagnosing the Problem

To diagnose Error 2009, check the following:

  1. The hostname or IP address specified in the connection string or configuration file.
  2. The DNS settings and resolution if a hostname is used.
  3. The MySQL server’s configuration, ensuring it’s set to accept connections on the correct network interface.
  4. Network issues that may prevent the client from reaching the server.

Fixing the Error

Here are multiple examples and approaches to address the error:

Example 1: Correcting the Hostname or IP Address

Incorrect Connection String:

mysql -h incorrect_host -u username -p

Corrected Connection String:

mysql -h correct_host -u username -p

Ensure that you are using the correct hostname or IP address for the MySQL server. You can verify the server’s address with your network administrator or by checking the server’s settings.

Example 2: Verifying DNS Resolution


nslookup correct_host

If the DNS resolution fails or returns an unexpected IP address, you may need to update your DNS settings or use the correct IP address directly.

Example 3: Configuring MySQL Server to Accept Connections

Incorrect /etc/mysql/my.cnf:

bind-address =

Corrected /etc/mysql/my.cnf:

bind-address =

Changing the bind-address to allows the MySQL server to accept connections on all network interfaces. Alternatively, specify the server’s public IP address if you want to restrict access to a specific interface.

Example 4: Checking Network Connectivity


ping correct_host

If the ping command fails, there might be network issues preventing the connection. Ensure that the client and server are on the same network or that the appropriate routing and firewall rules are in place to allow traffic between them.

By carefully checking the connection parameters, verifying network settings, and ensuring proper server configuration, you can overcome MySQL Error 2009 and establish a successful connection to your MySQL server.

Remember, it’s also important to check for typos in the host information, ensure that the MySQL service is running on the server, and confirm that the user has the necessary permissions to connect from the specified host.

For more detailed information on MySQL client/server communication and potential connection issues, you can consult the official MySQL documentation.

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