Tackling MySQL Error 1180: Solutions for “Got error %d during COMMIT”

Encountering Error 1180 in MySQL can be a sign of several underlying issues related to transaction commits. This error, which is associated with SQLSTATE HY000, signifies that an error occurred during the commit phase of a transaction. In this article, we’ll explore potential causes and provide solutions to help you understand and resolve this problem.

Diagnosing Error 1180 in MySQL

Error 1180 can be triggered by various scenarios, such as insufficient disk space, file system errors, or issues with the underlying storage engine. To diagnose this error, consider the following steps:

  1. Check Disk Space: Ensure that your server has enough disk space to complete transactions. Insufficient space can prevent MySQL from writing to the disk during a commit.
  2. Inspect Error Logs: MySQL’s error logs can provide detailed information about what caused the error. Look for any messages that occurred around the same time as the error.
  3. Review Transaction Size: Large transactions can sometimes lead to issues during commit. If your transactions are very large, consider breaking them into smaller ones.
  4. Storage Engine Issues: If you’re using a storage engine like InnoDB, check for any known issues with the version you’re using. Upgrading to a newer version might resolve the problem.

Solutions for Error 1180

Here are several solutions that might help fix Error 1180:

Freeing Up Disk Space

If the issue is related to disk space, free up space on the drive where the MySQL data directory is located:

# Linux command to check disk usage
df -h

# Clean up unnecessary files or expand disk size as needed

Increasing InnoDB Log File Size

For InnoDB users, increasing the size of the log files may help:

# In your my.cnf or my.ini file


innodb_log_file_size = 256M

After changing this value, you’ll need to restart MySQL and possibly recreate the log files.

Adjusting Transaction Size

For large transactions, consider breaking them down into smaller ones to avoid overwhelming the system:

-- Execute a portion of the large transaction

-- Execute the next portion

Upgrading MySQL or Storage Engine

If the error is due to a bug or limitation in the storage engine, upgrading to the latest version of MySQL or the storage engine might resolve the issue.

Checking File System and Permissions

Ensure that the file system is not read-only and that MySQL has the necessary permissions to write to the data directory:

# Check file system status and permissions (Linux)
mount | grep /path/to/mysql/data
ls -ld /path/to/mysql/data


MySQL’s Error 1180 can be a complex issue to resolve due to the variety of potential causes. By systematically diagnosing the problem and applying the appropriate solutions, you can overcome the “Got error %d during COMMIT” error and ensure the stability and reliability of your database transactions. If these solutions do not resolve the issue, consider seeking assistance from the MySQL community or a database professional for further analysis and support.

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