Tackling MySQL Error 1122: Resolving ‘Can’t load function’

When working with User-Defined Functions (UDFs) in MySQL, encountering Error 1122 with SQLSTATE: HY000 can be frustrating. The error message Can't load function '%s' indicates that MySQL is unable to load the specified UDF. This could be due to several reasons, such as the UDF not being installed correctly, the shared library not being in the expected directory, or insufficient permissions.

Diagnosing Error 1122

To effectively resolve this error, you must first understand the common causes:

  1. The UDF shared library file (.so on Unix/Linux or .dll on Windows) does not exist.
  2. MySQL does not have permission to access the UDF file.
  3. The UDF shared library is not in the directory specified by the plugin_dir system variable.
  4. The UDF does not properly export the required symbols.

Fixing Error 1122

Verify UDF Installation

Check if the UDF has been correctly installed with the following SQL command:

SHOW FUNCTION STATUS WHERE Name = 'your_udf_name';

If the UDF is not listed, it means it has not been installed successfully.

Check Shared Library File

Ensure that the shared library file for the UDF exists in the server’s file system and is located in the directory specified by the plugin_dir system variable. You can check the plugin_dir value with:


File Permissions

On Unix/Linux systems, confirm that the MySQL server has read permissions for the UDF shared library file:

ls -l /path/to/udf/library/your_udf.so

If necessary, change the file permissions with:

chmod 755 /path/to/udf/library/your_udf.so

Correct Directory

If the UDF file is not in the plugin_dir, move it there or update the plugin_dir in the my.cnf configuration file to the directory where the UDF file is located. Then, restart the MySQL server.

Exported Symbols

Ensure that the UDF shared library correctly exports the required symbols (xxx_init, xxx, and xxx_deinit where xxx is the UDF name). On Unix/Linux, you can use the nm command to list symbols:

nm -g /path/to/udf/library/your_udf.so

Sample Code

Here’s how you might address Error 1122 for a UDF named my_udf:

-- Check if the UDF is installed

-- If not, try to install the UDF

-- Check the plugin directory

-- If the file is not there, move the .so or .dll file to the plugin directory
-- On Unix/Linux:
mv /source/path/my_udf.so /target/plugin/directory/

-- On Windows:
move C:\source\path\my_udf.dll C:\target\plugin\directory\


By understanding the typical issues that lead to Error 1122, you can systematically check for the presence and permissions of the UDF shared library, verify the plugin_dir configuration, and ensure that the UDF is correctly installed. With these steps, you’ll be able to resolve the ‘Can’t load function’ error and have your UDFs running as expected in your MySQL database.

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