Resolving Oracle ORA-00110 Error

When working with Oracle databases, you may encounter the ORA-00110 error. This error occurs when a distributed transaction is waiting for a lock on a remote object. It can be caused by a variety of factors related to the configuration of the database and the execution of transactions.


Cause 1: Lock Conflict

One possible cause of the ORA-00110 error is a lock conflict. This can occur when multiple transactions are attempting to access the same remote object simultaneously.

SELECT * FROM remote_table FOR UPDATE;

Solution: Lock Conflict

To resolve this issue, you can use the NOWAIT option to prevent the transaction from waiting for the lock:


Cause 2: Network Issues

Another potential cause of the ORA-00110 error is network issues. If there are problems with the network connection between the local and remote databases, it can lead to transaction timeouts and lock conflicts.

Solution: Network Issues

To address network issues, you should ensure that the network connection between the local and remote databases is stable and reliable. You can also consider optimizing the network configuration to reduce latency and improve performance.

Detailed Solutions

A more detailed solution to prevent the ORA-00110 error from occurring in the future is to carefully review the database configuration and transaction execution. You can implement best practices for distributed transactions, such as using appropriate isolation levels and optimizing the network infrastructure.

Commonly Faced Issues

Issue: Deadlocks

Deadlocks can be a common issue related to the ORA-00110 error. This occurs when two or more transactions are waiting for each other to release locks, resulting in a deadlock situation.

Addressing Deadlocks

To address deadlocks, you can use the Oracle deadlock detection and resolution mechanisms to automatically detect and resolve deadlock situations.


Q: How can I prevent the ORA-00110 error from occurring?

A: To prevent the ORA-00110 error, you should carefully review the database configuration, optimize the network infrastructure, and implement best practices for distributed transactions.

By following these steps and addressing the potential causes of the error, you can effectively resolve the ORA-00110 error and ensure the smooth operation of your Oracle database.

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