Resolving MySQL Error 1006: A Guide to Diagnosing and Fixing Database Creation Issues

Encountering Error 1006 in MySQL can be a frustrating experience, but with the right approach, diagnosing and resolving this issue can be straightforward. This error typically indicates a problem when trying to create a new database, and the error message usually includes an errno that provides further clues about the specific issue. Below, we’ll explore some common causes of this error and provide examples and sample code to help you resolve it.

Understanding Error 1006

MySQL Error 1006, SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_CANT_CREATE_DB), occurs when the MySQL server cannot create a new database. The error message will often include an error number (errno) that can help pinpoint the reason. Some common causes include:

  • Filesystem Permissions: The MySQL server process may not have the necessary permissions to write to the data directory.
  • Insufficient Space: There may not be enough space on the device to create the database.
  • Incorrect Configuration: The MySQL configuration might be pointing to an incorrect or inaccessible directory.

Diagnosing and Fixing Error 1006

Check Filesystem Permissions

One of the most common causes of Error 1006 is incorrect filesystem permissions. The user under which the MySQL server is running must have write access to the data directory.

# Check current ownership and permissions
ls -ld /var/lib/mysql

# Set the correct ownership (assuming 'mysql' is the MySQL user)
sudo chown mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql

# Set the correct permissions
sudo chmod 700 /var/lib/mysql

If the data directory is not owned by the MySQL user or does not have the correct permissions, you can change them using the chown and chmod commands, respectively (source).

Ensure Sufficient Disk Space

If the issue isn’t related to permissions, check if there’s enough disk space to create a new database:

df -h

This command will show you the available space on all mounted filesystems. If space is low, you may need to free up space or add additional storage.

Verify MySQL Configuration

Another potential issue could be with the MySQL configuration file (my.cnf or my.ini). Ensure that the datadir directive is pointing to the correct data directory and that the directory exists and is accessible.


After making changes to the configuration file, remember to restart the MySQL service:

sudo systemctl restart mysql

Check for Specific Error Numbers

If the errno provided in the error message is 13, it usually indicates a permissions issue (source). However, if the errno is 2, it could mean that the directory specified in the datadir does not exist or is incorrect. In this case, verify that the path is correct and that the directory exists.


By understanding the common causes of MySQL Error 1006 and how to diagnose them, you can quickly resolve issues related to database creation. Remember to check filesystem permissions, ensure there is sufficient disk space, verify the MySQL configuration, and pay attention to specific error numbers to guide your troubleshooting efforts.

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