Oracle ORA-00319: How to Resolve the Error Code

When working with Oracle databases, you may encounter the error code ORA-00319. This error indicates that the system is unable to create or open a log file, and it can occur for a variety of reasons. Understanding the potential causes of this error and how to resolve them is crucial for maintaining the stability and performance of your database.


Cause 1: Insufficient Permissions

One common cause of ORA-00319 is insufficient permissions for the Oracle database to create or open a log file. This can occur if the database is running under a user account that does not have the necessary permissions to access the file system.


SQL> ALTER DATABASE ADD LOGFILE ('/path/to/logfile1', '/path/to/logfile2') SIZE 50M;


To resolve this issue, ensure that the user account running the Oracle database has the appropriate permissions to create and access log files. This may involve adjusting file system permissions or running the database under a different user account with the necessary permissions.

Cause 2: Disk Space Exhaustion

Another potential cause of ORA-00319 is disk space exhaustion. If the disk where the log files are located is full or nearly full, the database may be unable to create or open new log files.


SQL> ALTER DATABASE ADD LOGFILE ('/path/to/logfile1', '/path/to/logfile2') SIZE 50M;


To address this issue, free up disk space on the affected drive or allocate additional storage capacity. You can also consider moving the log files to a different disk with more available space.

Detailed Solutions

For a more detailed solution to the problem, consider implementing a robust monitoring and alerting system to proactively identify issues such as insufficient permissions or disk space exhaustion. This can help you address potential problems before they result in errors like ORA-00319.

Additionally, consider implementing a regular maintenance schedule to monitor and manage disk space usage, as well as regularly review and adjust file system permissions to ensure that the Oracle database has the necessary access rights.

Commonly Faced Issues

Issue 1: File System Corruption

File system corruption can also lead to ORA-00319 errors. This can occur due to hardware issues, software bugs, or other factors that compromise the integrity of the file system where the log files are stored.


To address file system corruption, consider running file system integrity checks and implementing regular backups to protect against data loss. You may also need to repair or replace any damaged hardware components contributing to the corruption.


Q: How can I prevent ORA-00319 errors in the future?

A: To prevent ORA-00319 errors, regularly monitor disk space usage, ensure proper file system permissions, and implement proactive maintenance and monitoring processes to identify and address potential issues before they impact the database.

Q: Can I automate the resolution of ORA-00319 errors?

A: While some aspects of resolving ORA-00319 errors can be automated, such as disk space monitoring and alerting, it’s important to carefully review and address each instance of the error to ensure that the underlying cause is properly resolved.

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