What is Oracle Exadata


Data appliance

  • Server with preinstalled and pre optimised database
  • Hardware designed to work with the database software specifically
  • Pre configured clustered database server
Exalogic is a preconfigured clustered application server
Exadata is a pre configured clustered database server
There are other products but they are targeted at OLAP specifically (read rather than write)
Exadata supports OLTP and OLAP
The first version of Exadata was created in 2008 in collaboration with HP.
Oracle enterprise linux was the operating system used.
In 2010, Oracle started using sun hardware (after oracle bought them)
Exadata is claimed to be fastest db server in the world.
You can use either solaris 11 express or OEL 5.5
What exactly is Exadata?
Actually a cluster of machines
2 kinds of servers – db server and storage server
Storage server can often return results from memory without touching the db.
Available in :
Full rack – 8 db servers – 14 storace servers
Half rack 4,db, 7 storage
Quarter rack – 2 db, 3 storage
The size is the same, just what is in it changes
You can chose specs of the actual servers.

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