Oracle Direct NFS

Features embedded in Oracle Kernel

Improves performance and manageability for NFS drives


NFS file system should be mounted and available.
Direct NFS does not mount drives
Direct NFS client uses either:
configuration file called ‘oranfstab’
mount file tab – /etc/mtab

$ ORACLE_HOME/ dbs/oranfstab

which would specify the Direct NFS Client settings for a single database.


which specifies the NFS mounts available to all Oracle databases on that host.

Finally, Oracle reads the mount tab file
/etc/mtab on Linux
to identify available NFS mounts.
If there are duplicate entries. Direct NFS uses the first entry found.
You need to replace the standard Oracle Disk Library (ODM)  with one that supports Direct NFS.
Enabling the Direct NFS Client ODM Library
  • $ cd $ ORACLE_HOME/ lib 
  • $ cp libodm11. so libodm11. so_stub 
  • $ ln –s libnfsodm11. so libodm11. so

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