Oracle Architecture Part 1

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There are 3 essential elements of any database system

  • Datafiles – storage
  • Memory – in oracle its the SGA
  • Processes – To operate on the data files and memory


  • Datafiles
  • Contains data
  • Tables
  • Indexes
  • Undo segments (used to be rollback segments)
  • Temporary files
  • Oracle is easy as DIRT – Data, Index, Rolback, Temp
  • In Oracle you can now have around 65000 datafiles

Important views for the DBA

  • dba_data_files
  • v$dbfile
  • v$datafile

Control files.

Should have 3 identical control files on different disks and controllers

They contain information about the database

  • db name
  • created date
  • path to data files
  • check point info

Important Views

  • v$controlfile

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