Oracle Architecture Part 4

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Oracle Processes



Database Writer

  • Writes from the SGA to the data files
  • Does deffered writes
  • like a hotel room clerk
  • kicks blocks out to disk when new data needs free blocks



Log Writer

  • writes info to the current group of redo logs


System monitor

  • very important process
  • performs instance recovery
  • cleans up after sorts



Process monitor

  • Monitors Processes
  • detects – deadlock detected for example



Checkpoint process

one big reason for checkpoints is that commonly accessed
data may never get written out to disk. A checkpoint forces
this to get written.

Oracle Instance

– is the SGA and background processes


Oracle database and the Oracle instance combined is called the Oracle Server.

You can have multiple instances associated with the same database, this is called RAC.

Dedicated server process connects through the PGA.

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