Navigating MySQL Error 2028 – CR_WRONG_LICENSE: Effective Solutions and Practices

Encountering MySQL Error 2028 – CR_WRONG_LICENSE can be a bit confusing. This error message indicates that there is a licensing mismatch between the MySQL client library being used and the MySQL server to which you are trying to connect. Let’s explore how to diagnose this error and implement solutions to fix it.

Understanding the Error

MySQL offers different licensing options, and the error suggests that the client library in use is not compatible with the license of the MySQL server. For example, you might be using a client library that is licensed under the GPL (GNU General Public License) with a MySQL server that has a commercial license, or vice versa.

Diagnosing the Problem

To address this error, you should:

  • Verify the license type of the MySQL server you are attempting to connect to.
  • Check the license of the MySQL client library you are using.
  • Make sure that both the server and client licenses are compatible.

Fixing the Error

Here are multiple scenarios and solutions to explain and cover all the possibilities:

Example 1: Aligning Server and Client Licenses

If you are using a commercial version of the MySQL server, ensure that your client libraries are also of a commercial variant.

# If you have a commercial MySQL server, obtain the commercial client libraries from Oracle.

Example 2: Using Compatible Open Source Libraries

For a server running on GPL, use a client library that is also GPL licensed.

# Use the GPL licensed MySQL client libraries provided by the MySQL community or your OS's package manager.

Example 3: Upgrading or Downgrading the Server

Change the MySQL server to match the client library’s license if necessary.

# If you have a GPL client library, switch to a MySQL server that is also GPL licensed.

Example 4: Replacing the Client Library

Replace your current client library with one that matches the server’s license.

# Uninstall the incompatible client library and install a compatible one.

Example 5: Contacting Support

If you have a commercial license and are encountering this error, contact the MySQL support team for assistance.

# Reach out to MySQL support for help with licensing issues.

Best Practices

  • Always ensure that your MySQL server and client libraries are using compatible licenses.
  • Keep a record of the licensing details for both your MySQL server and client libraries to avoid mismatches.
  • Regularly review the licensing terms whenever you upgrade or change your MySQL setup to prevent future errors.

By carefully checking the licensing of your MySQL server and client libraries, you can resolve Error 2028 and ensure that your database connections are legally compliant and technically compatible. If you need further assistance, the MySQL community is a valuable resource, and the official MySQL documentation can provide additional insights into handling licensing issues.

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