Navigating MySQL Error 1346: Resolving Incorrect Object Type Conflicts

MySQL Error 1346 – SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_WRONG_OBJECT) occurs when an operation is attempted on a database object (such as a table, view, or stored routine) that is not of the expected type. The error message “‘%s.%s’ is not %s” indicates that the object you are trying to manipulate does not match the required type for the operation being performed, where %s placeholders represent the database name, the object name, and the expected type, respectively.

Understanding the Error

This error typically happens when you try to perform an operation that is specific to a certain type of database object (like a table or a view) on an object of a different type. For example, trying to execute a table-specific operation on a view or vice versa.

Diagnosing the Problem

To fix this error, you need to:

  1. Identify the Object Type: Determine the actual type of the object you are working with by using SHOW FULL TABLES; which will list all tables and views in the current database along with their types.
  2. Review the Operation: Check the operation you are attempting to ensure it is appropriate for the type of object you are targeting.

Fixing the Error

Here are some examples of how to correct Error 1346 by ensuring operations match the object types:

  1. Table Mistaken for a View: CREATE VIEW my_table AS SELECT * FROM another_table; If you then mistakenly try to add a column (which is a table operation) to my_table (which is a view), you will get Error 1346. To fix this, ensure you are performing view-specific operations on views and table-specific operations on tables.
  2. View Mistaken for a Table: ALTER TABLE my_view ADD COLUMN new_column INT; If my_view is actually a view, this statement will cause Error 1346. Instead, you should create a new view with the additional column or modify the existing view definition as needed.
  3. Stored Procedure Mistaken for a Function:
    sql SELECT my_procedure();
    If my_procedure is a stored procedure, this will raise Error 1346 because procedures cannot be invoked as part of an expression. Instead, you would call the procedure using the CALL statement:
    sql CALL my_procedure();


  • Always verify the type of the object before performing operations on it.
  • Use descriptive naming conventions for database objects to help indicate their types and avoid confusion.
  • Remember that operations allowed on tables, views, stored procedures, and functions can differ significantly.
  • Familiarize yourself with the syntax and usage of different types of database objects in MySQL.

By understanding the types of objects in your MySQL database and ensuring that your operations are appropriate for those types, you can resolve MySQL Error 1346 and maintain a smoothly functioning database system.

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