MySQL Error 1343 can be a puzzling issue to encounter, but it’s generally related to configuration file parsing. The error message “Unexpected end of file while skipping unknown parameter ‘%s'” indicates that MySQL has encountered an unexpected parameter in a configuration file, such as my.cnf or my.ini, and does not know how to handle it. This guide will help you understand and fix the problem, ensuring your MySQL server runs smoothly.

Understanding Error 1343

Error 1343 typically occurs when MySQL encounters an unknown parameter in a configuration file. This could be due to a typo, a deprecated parameter that is no longer supported, or a parameter that is not applicable for the version of MySQL you are running.

Diagnosing the Issue

To diagnose the issue, you need to examine the MySQL configuration files (my.cnf or my.ini) and look for any parameters that are not recognized by MySQL. The ‘%s’ in the error message will be replaced by the actual parameter name that caused the error.

Examples and Sample Code

Here are some examples of scenarios that might lead to Error 1343, along with ways to resolve them:

Example 1: Typographical Error in Parameter Name

A simple typo can cause MySQL to throw Error 1343:

# Incorrect parameter due to typo
innodb_file_per_talbe = 1

To fix this, correct the typo in the parameter name:

# Correct parameter name
innodb_file_per_table = 1

Example 2: Deprecated Parameter

Using a parameter that has been deprecated in the version of MySQL you are using can also lead to this error:

# Deprecated parameter in newer versions of MySQL
safe_show_database = 1

To resolve this, simply remove the deprecated parameter from the configuration file:

# Remove the deprecated parameter
# safe_show_database = 1

Example 3: Incorrectly Scoped Parameter

If a parameter is placed under the wrong header or in the wrong section of the configuration file, MySQL may not recognize it:

# This parameter should be under [client] section
port = 3306

Ensure the parameter is in the correct section:

port = 3306

Example 4: Unsupported Parameter in Version

If you’ve upgraded MySQL and a parameter is no longer supported in the new version, you might encounter Error 1343:

# Parameter not supported in the current version of MySQL
thread_concurrency = 8

Check the MySQL documentation for the version you’re using and remove or replace the unsupported parameter:

# Adjust the configuration file by removing or replacing the unsupported parameter
# thread_concurrency = 8


Error 1343 in MySQL is a clear indication of an issue with the configuration file parameters. To fix this error, carefully review your configuration files for typos, deprecated, incorrectly scoped, or unsupported parameters. Correcting or removing the problematic parameters should resolve the error. Always back up your configuration files before making changes, and check the MySQL documentation if you’re unsure about a parameter’s usage or support. After making changes, restart the MySQL server to apply the new configuration.

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