How to Diagnose and Fix the ORA-01911 Invalid TEMPORARY Tablespace Identifier Error in Oracle

If you encounter the ORA-01911 error in Oracle, it means that the temporary tablespace identifier specified in the database is invalid. This can occur for various reasons, such as the temporary tablespace being dropped or renamed, or the user not having the necessary privileges to access the temporary tablespace.

To diagnose and fix this error, you can follow the steps below:

Diagnosing the ORA-01911 Error

1. Check the Temporary Tablespace: First, verify that the temporary tablespace specified for the user exists and is accessible.

2. Check User Privileges: Ensure that the user has been granted the necessary privileges to use the temporary tablespace.

3. Review Error Logs: Look for any additional error messages or logs that may provide more insight into the issue.

Fixing the ORA-01911 Error

Here are a few possible solutions to fix the ORA-01911 error:

1. Reassigning a Temporary Tablespace

If the temporary tablespace has been dropped or renamed, you can reassign a new temporary tablespace to the user using the following SQL command:

ALTER USER username TEMPORARY TABLESPACE new_temp_tablespace;

Replace “username” with the actual username and “new_temp_tablespace” with the name of the new temporary tablespace.

2. Granting Privileges

If the user does not have the necessary privileges to use the temporary tablespace, you can grant the privileges using the following SQL command:


Replace “username” with the actual username.

3. Checking Error Logs

Review any error logs or messages to identify the root cause of the issue and address it accordingly.


In conclusion, the ORA-01911 error in Oracle can be diagnosed and fixed by verifying the temporary tablespace, granting the necessary privileges, and reviewing error logs for additional information. By following the steps outlined above, you can effectively resolve the ORA-01911 error and ensure the smooth operation of your Oracle database.

Remember, if you encounter any issues or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to consult Oracle’s official documentation or seek help from the Oracle community.

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