How to Diagnose and Fix the ORA-01027 Error in Oracle

If you encounter the ORA-01027 error in Oracle, it means that you have specified both the PERMANENT and TEMPORARY options for a tablespace, which is not allowed. This error can occur when creating or altering a tablespace. Here’s how to diagnose and fix this issue.

Diagnosing the ORA-01027 Error

When you encounter the ORA-01027 error, Oracle will provide a message similar to the following:

ORA-01027: tablespace 'TEMP' is a temporary tablespace

This message indicates that the tablespace specified is already designated as either permanent or temporary, and you cannot assign both options to the same tablespace.

Fixing the ORA-01027 Error

To fix the ORA-01027 error, you’ll need to review the SQL statement that caused the error and ensure that you are not specifying both the PERMANENT and TEMPORARY options for the same tablespace.

If you are creating a new tablespace, make sure to only specify either PERMANENT or TEMPORARY, but not both. For example:


If you are altering an existing tablespace, review the ALTER TABLESPACE statement and ensure that you are not attempting to change the tablespace to both permanent and temporary. For example:


Additional Considerations

If you are still encountering the ORA-01027 error after reviewing and correcting your SQL statements, it’s possible that there may be a conflict with existing tablespace settings or a bug in the Oracle software. In such cases, it’s recommended to consult the Oracle documentation or contact Oracle Support for further assistance.

It’s also important to ensure that you have the necessary privileges to create or alter tablespaces in your Oracle database. If you are encountering permission-related issues, you may need to work with your database administrator to resolve them.

In conclusion, the ORA-01027 error in Oracle is typically caused by specifying both the PERMANENT and TEMPORARY options for a tablespace. By carefully reviewing and correcting your SQL statements, and considering additional factors such as permissions and software bugs, you can diagnose and fix this error effectively.

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