How to Diagnose and Fix the ORA-00332 Duplicate BACKUP Option Specification Error in Oracle

If you encounter the ORA-00332 error in Oracle, it means that you have specified the BACKUP option multiple times in a single command. This can happen when trying to perform a backup operation using the RMAN (Recovery Manager) tool.

To diagnose and fix the ORA-00332 error, you can follow the steps outlined below.

Diagnosing the ORA-00332 Error

When you encounter the ORA-00332 error, the first step is to identify the command or script that is causing the issue. Look for any duplicate BACKUP options specified in your RMAN backup script or command.

You can also check the Oracle alert log and RMAN logs for more detailed error messages and stack traces that can help pinpoint the source of the problem.

Fixing the ORA-00332 Error

Once you have identified the command or script causing the ORA-00332 error, you can proceed with fixing it. Here are a few possible scenarios and solutions:

Scenario 1: Duplicate BACKUP Option in RMAN Script

If the error is occurring in an RMAN script, check for any duplicate BACKUP options and remove the redundant ones. For example:


In this case, the second BACKUP DATABASE command is redundant and should be removed.

Scenario 2: Duplicate BACKUP Option in RMAN Command

If you are running an RMAN command directly, ensure that you are not specifying the BACKUP option multiple times. For example:


Remove the duplicate BACKUP command from your RMAN command.

Scenario 3: Using a Backup Tool or Utility

If you are using a third-party backup tool or utility that is causing the ORA-00332 error, refer to the tool’s documentation or support resources for guidance on resolving the issue.

Additional Resources

If you need more information on the ORA-00332 error and its potential causes, you can refer to the official Oracle documentation or seek assistance from the Oracle community forums and support channels.

By following these steps and considering the possible scenarios, you can diagnose and fix the ORA-00332 error in Oracle and ensure smooth operation of your backup processes.

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