How to Diagnose and Fix the ORA-00135 Error in Oracle

If you are encountering the ORA-00135 error in Oracle, it means that the database is not open or is in the process of closing. This can be a frustrating issue to deal with, but there are several potential causes and solutions to explore.

Diagnosing the ORA-00135 Error

When diagnosing the ORA-00135 error, it’s important to consider the following potential causes:

  • Database shutdown in progress
  • Incorrect database state
  • Issues with database startup

To determine the specific cause of the error, you can start by checking the database state and reviewing any recent shutdown or startup operations.

Fixing the ORA-00135 Error

Once you have identified the potential cause of the ORA-00135 error, you can take the appropriate steps to resolve it. Here are some possible solutions:

1. Database Shutdown in Progress

If the error is occurring because a database shutdown is in progress, you can wait for the shutdown to complete before attempting to access the database again. You can also use the following SQL command to check the status of the shutdown:


2. Incorrect Database State

If the database state is incorrect, you can use the following SQL command to open the database:


3. Issues with Database Startup

If the error is related to database startup issues, you can review the database alert log for any error messages that may provide insight into the problem. You can also use the following SQL command to start the database:



The ORA-00135 error in Oracle can be caused by a variety of factors, but by diagnosing the specific cause and taking the appropriate steps to resolve it, you can successfully address the issue and regain access to your database.

Remember to always backup your database before making any changes, and consider seeking assistance from a qualified Oracle database administrator if you encounter any difficulties.

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