How to diagnose and fix the HV00C fdw_invalid_option_index error code in Postgres. 

The HV00C error code in PostgreSQL is related to an fdw_invalid_option_index issue, which indicates a problem with the index of options provided to a foreign data wrapper (FDW). This error is less common and typically suggests that there’s a configuration issue with the options specified for the FDW, such as an invalid option name or index value that the FDW does not recognize or support.

To diagnose and fix an HV00C error, you should:

  1. Review FDW option documentation: Make sure you’re familiar with the valid options for the foreign data wrapper you are using. Each FDW has its own set of valid options for server, user mappings, and table definitions.
  2. Check your FDW option names and values: Verify that the options you have specified in your server, user mapping, or table definitions are correct and are using the proper syntax.
  3. Ensure correct index usage: If you’re using an index option, ensure that it is appropriate for the context and that the FDW supports it.

Here’s an example of how to set up an FDW with options, and what might go wrong:

-- Example 1: Correctly creating a foreign server with options
CREATE SERVER my_foreign_server FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER postgres_fdw OPTIONS (host 'foreign_host', dbname 'foreign_db');

-- Example 2: Correctly creating a user mapping with options
CREATE USER MAPPING FOR CURRENT_USER SERVER my_foreign_server OPTIONS (user 'foreign_user', password 'foreign_pass');

-- Example 3: Incorrect option index that might cause the HV00C error
CREATE SERVER my_foreign_server FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER postgres_fdw OPTIONS (host 'foreign_host', dbname 'foreign_db', wrong_option 'invalid_value');

In Example 3, if wrong_option is not a valid option for the postgres_fdw, PostgreSQL will raise an HV00C error.

To fix the issue, you would need to:

  1. Remove or correct the invalid option in your FDW configuration.
  2. If the option is supposed to be a valid index, ensure that it is spelled correctly and that the value provided is in the correct format.

Here’s how you would correct the invalid option:

-- Correct the server creation by removing the invalid option
DROP SERVER my_foreign_server CASCADE;

CREATE SERVER my_foreign_server FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER postgres_fdw OPTIONS (host 'foreign_host', dbname 'foreign_db');

In the corrected example, the invalid option wrong_option is removed.

Remember, the exact options and their values will depend on the specific foreign data wrapper you’re using. Always refer to the FDW’s documentation for the list of supported options and their correct usage. If you’ve added an option that the FDW doesn’t recognize, you’ll need to remove or correct it as shown in the example above. If the error persists after verifying the options, consider checking for updates or patches for the FDW, as there could be a bug that’s causing the error.

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