How to diagnose and fix the 57P01 admin_shutdown error code in Postgres.

The 57P01 error code in PostgreSQL is associated with an admin_shutdown, which indicates that the database server is shutting down. This is a normal message during server restarts or shutdowns, but if it occurs unexpectedly, it can indicate that an administrator or a process has initiated a shutdown command.


  1. Check the PostgreSQL server logs for messages indicating why the shutdown was initiated.
  2. Review system logs to see if there were any external factors like system updates or user commands that caused the shutdown.
  3. If you have access to the server’s command line or the PostgreSQL interactive terminal (psql), check the current status of the PostgreSQL service.


Since 57P01 is not an error in the traditional sense but a notice of the server’s status, the fix depends on the context:

Example 1: Intentional shutdown by administrator

If the shutdown was intentional for maintenance or other administrative tasks, no action is needed other than to wait for the maintenance to complete and for the administrator to restart the server.

Example 2: Unintentional shutdown due to external factors

If the shutdown was unintentional, investigate the cause. For instance, if it was due to a system update, ensure that the update process has completed and then restart the PostgreSQL service.

# Command to restart PostgreSQL server on a Unix-like system
sudo service postgresql restart

# Or using systemctl
sudo systemctl restart postgresql

Example 3: Shutdown due to resource constraints

If the server was shut down due to resource constraints like out-of-memory conditions, you may need to investigate and resolve the underlying resource issues before restarting PostgreSQL.

Example 4: Shutdown triggered by monitoring or automation scripts

If you have monitoring or automation scripts that can shut down the server, review those scripts to ensure they are functioning correctly and only shutting down the server under the appropriate conditions.


  • Always ensure that you have proper backups and that your data is safe before performing any administrative tasks that involve restarting or shutting down the PostgreSQL server.
  • If the shutdown was unexpected, review your server’s security to ensure that only authorized users have the ability to shut down the PostgreSQL service.
  • Regularly monitor your PostgreSQL server’s health and performance to preemptively address any issues that could lead to an unexpected shutdown.

Understanding why the 57P01 admin_shutdown error occurred is key to determining the correct course of action. If the shutdown was planned or part of routine operations, you might just need to wait until the database service is brought back online. If it was unplanned, investigating the cause and ensuring that the PostgreSQL service is properly restarted will be necessary. For more information on managing PostgreSQL service and interpreting server logs, you can refer to the PostgreSQL documentation.

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