How to diagnose and fix the 2203B sql_json_number_not_found error code in Postgres.

The 2203B error code in PostgreSQL, represented by sql_json_number_not_found, indicates that a JSON number was expected but not found in a JSON document. This error typically occurs when you’re performing operations that specifically require a JSON number, such as mathematical functions or comparisons, and the JSON data does not contain a number where one is required.

Here are a few examples of how this error might occur and how to diagnose and fix it:

  1. Extracting a Number from JSON Data:
    When extracting a number from a JSON object, ensure that the key you’re referencing actually contains a numeric value. Example of an incorrect extraction where a number is not found:
   SELECT jsonb_extract_path_text('{"value": "text"}'::jsonb, 'value')::numeric;

To fix this, ensure that the JSON contains a numeric value for the key:

   SELECT jsonb_extract_path_text('{"value": 100}'::jsonb, 'value')::numeric;
  1. Filtering JSON Data for Numeric Values:
    If you’re filtering JSON data to find numeric values, make sure the expected numeric values actually exist. Example of a query expecting a numeric value that is not present:
   FROM your_table
   WHERE (jsonb_column ->> 'numeric_key')::numeric > 50;

If jsonb_column ->> 'numeric_key' does not contain a numeric value, you’ll encounter the 2203B error.

  1. Performing Mathematical Operations on JSON Values:
    When performing mathematical operations on JSON values, the values involved must be numeric. Example of a mathematical operation on a non-numeric JSON value:
   SELECT (jsonb_column ->> 'amount')::numeric * 2
   FROM your_table;

If jsonb_column ->> 'amount' yields a non-numeric value, the 2203B error will occur.

  1. Using JSON Path Expressions to Extract Numbers:
    JSON path expressions used to extract numbers from JSON documents must point to actual numeric values. Example of a JSON path expression not finding a number:
   SELECT jsonb_path_query_first('{"items": [{"name": "item1", "price": "not a number"}]}'::jsonb, '$.items[*].price')::numeric;

Correct the JSON data to include a numeric price:

   SELECT jsonb_path_query_first('{"items": [{"name": "item1", "price": 10.99}]}'::jsonb, '$.items[*].price')::numeric;

To diagnose the 2203B error, inspect the JSON data involved in the operation to confirm that numeric values are being referenced where they are expected. If non-numeric values are found, correct the data or adjust your query to handle these cases appropriately.

The search results provided include a page from USA VPS that specifically addresses this error, confirming that the 2203B error occurs when a JSON number is not found or recognized in a JSON document. The examples and explanations given here should help you address issues related to the sql_json_number_not_found error in PostgreSQL.

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