How to diagnose and fix the 22024 unterminated_c_string error code in Postgres.

The 22024 error code in PostgreSQL, which stands for unterminated_c_string, indicates that a string literal in your SQL query was started but not terminated properly before the end of the line. This typically happens when you forget to close a string with a single quote (') or when you have an uneven number of quotes.

To diagnose and fix this error, follow these steps:

  1. Examine the Query: Look at the query that caused the error and check all string literals to ensure they are properly enclosed in single quotes.
  2. Close the String: Add the missing single quote to terminate the string literal correctly.
  3. Escape Single Quotes: If the string itself contains a single quote, make sure to escape it by using two single quotes ('') to represent a literal single quote within the string.

Here are some examples and sample code to illustrate how to fix the 22024 error:

Example 1: Unterminated String Literal

Incorrect usage that might result in the 22024 error:

SELECT 'This is an example of an unterminated string;

In this example, the string starts with a single quote but does not end with one, leading to an unterminated string literal error.

To fix the error, close the string with a single quote:

SELECT 'This is an example of an unterminated string';

Example 2: String with Single Quote

Incorrect usage with an unescaped single quote:

SELECT 'It's important to escape single quotes in strings';

This will cause an error because the single quote in It's terminates the string prematurely.

To fix the error, escape the single quote by doubling it:

SELECT 'It''s important to escape single quotes in strings';

Example 3: Multiline String Literal

If you’re writing a string that spans multiple lines, make sure each line of the string is properly closed:

Incorrect multiline string:

SELECT 'This is a multiline string
that is not properly terminated';

To fix this, you need to ensure that the string is properly closed on each line or use a single line:

SELECT 'This is a multiline string that is properly terminated';

Remember to carefully check the SQL query that resulted in the 22024 error and correct any issues with string termination or single quote usage.

For more information on string literals and common errors in PostgreSQL, you can refer to resources like the official PostgreSQL documentation and Stack Overflow discussions.

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