How to diagnose and fix the 22015 interval_field_overflow error code in Postgres.

The 22015: interval_field_overflow error in PostgreSQL occurs when an interval value exceeds the allowed range for the interval field. This could happen when you’re attempting to create an interval that is too large or when performing operations that result in an interval that falls outside the permissible range.

To diagnose and fix this error, follow these steps:

  1. Examine the Query: Review the SQL query that’s causing the error. Look for interval-related operations, such as interval type creation or arithmetic that involves intervals.
  2. Check Interval Values: Make sure that the values used in the interval creation are within the allowed range. For example, the number of years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds must not exceed their logical limits (e.g., there are no more than 60 seconds in a minute).
  3. Modify the Interval Expression: If the interval value is indeed too large, you may need to adjust it to fit within the acceptable range. Alternatively, consider whether the intended operation makes sense with such a large interval.
  4. Use Alternative Data Types: If the interval you’re working with is consistently producing overflow errors and you can’t reduce its size, consider using a different data type, like a bigint, to store the raw number of seconds or another base unit.

Here are some examples of how the 22015 error might occur and how to resolve it:

  • Creating an Excessively Large Interval:
  SELECT INTERVAL '1000000000 years';

This will cause an overflow because the number of years is too high. To fix this, you need to use a smaller number of years or consider whether your application really needs to represent such a large interval.

  • Arithmetic Overflow:
  SELECT '9999-12-31'::DATE + INTERVAL '1 year';

Adding one year to the maximum representable date in PostgreSQL will result in an overflow. To resolve this, you need to ensure that arithmetic operations on dates do not exceed the valid date range.

For more detailed information on PostgreSQL intervals and their limitations, you can refer to the PostgreSQL documentation. Additionally, discussions on platforms like Stack Overflow can provide community-driven solutions and workarounds for specific cases of the 22015 error.

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