How to diagnose and fix the 2200T invalid_xml_processing_instruction error code in Postgres.

The 2200T error code in PostgreSQL, represented by invalid_xml_processing_instruction, indicates that there is an issue with an XML processing instruction that is being used in an XML-related operation within the database. This error typically occurs when an XML processing instruction is not well-formed or does not adhere to the XML specification.

Here are a few examples of how this error might occur and how to diagnose and fix it:

  1. Incorrect Processing Instruction Syntax:
    XML processing instructions must follow the correct syntax: <?target instruction?>. An error will occur if the syntax is incorrect. Example of an incorrect processing instruction:
   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" <note><to>User</to></note>?>

To fix this, ensure the processing instruction is well-formed:

   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  1. Invalid Characters in Processing Instruction:
    The target name in the processing instruction cannot contain certain characters, such as colons or whitespace. Incorrect processing instruction with invalid characters:

Correct processing instruction without invalid characters:

   <?xml version="1.0"?>
  1. Using XML Functions with Invalid Processing Instructions:
    When using PostgreSQL’s XML functions, ensure that any processing instructions in the XML content are valid. Example of a function encountering an invalid processing instruction:
   SELECT xmlelement(name "root", xmlpi(name "xml-version", 'version="1.0"'));

Correct usage of the XML processing instruction:

   SELECT xmlelement(name "root", xmlpi(name "xml", 'version="1.0"'));
  1. Creating XML with Processing Instructions in PostgreSQL:
    If you’re constructing XML with processing instructions, make sure to follow the correct syntax and not include invalid content. Example of creating XML with an invalid processing instruction in PostgreSQL:
   SELECT xmlelement(name "data", xmlpi(name "xml version", '1.0'));

To fix this, use the correct syntax for the processing instruction:

   SELECT xmlelement(name "data", xmlpi(name "xml", 'version="1.0"'));

To diagnose the 2200T error, review the XML content and any XML processing instructions to ensure they are correctly formed according to XML standards. Correct any issues with the processing instructions in the XML content and retry the operation.

While the search results provided do not offer a direct solution to the 2200T error code, the PostgreSQL documentation does include a list of error codes, where you can find more information about specific error codes and their meanings. The examples above should help you address issues related to invalid XML processing instructions in PostgreSQL.

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