How to diagnose and fix the 0LP01 invalid_grant_operation error code in Postgres.

The 0LP01 invalid_grant_operation error in PostgreSQL indicates that there is a problem with a grant operation in your SQL statement. This could be due to various reasons such as trying to grant privileges that cannot be granted or attempting to grant privileges in an incorrect manner.

To diagnose and fix the 0LP01 invalid_grant_operation error, follow these steps:

  1. Check the SQL statement: Review the statement that caused the error. Ensure that the syntax is correct and that you are not trying to grant privileges that do not exist or are not grantable. For example, you cannot grant privileges on a database to a role if that role does not exist.
  2. Review PostgreSQL Documentation: The PostgreSQL Documentation can provide you with a list of error codes and their meanings, which can help you understand why you might be getting the 0LP01 error.
  3. Check the role and privileges: Make sure that the role you are attempting to grant privileges to exists in the database. Also, verify that the role has the appropriate level of access to receive the privileges you are attempting to grant.
  4. Review the object you are granting on: Ensure that the object (table, schema, database, etc.) you are granting privileges on exists and that you have the correct permissions to grant privileges on it.
  5. Syntax: The correct syntax for a GRANT operation is as follows:
   GRANT privilege [, ...] ON object [, ...] TO role [, ...];

Make sure you are following this syntax properly.

  1. Check the PostgreSQL version: Some features or privilege types might not be available in all versions of PostgreSQL. Ensure that the privileges you’re trying to grant are supported by your PostgreSQL version.
  2. Consult Community Resources: Sometimes, community discussions and Q&A forums like Stack Overflow can provide insights into common issues and solutions that others have encountered.

Here’s an example of a correct GRANT operation:

GRANT SELECT ON table_name TO user_name;

And here’s an example of an incorrect GRANT operation that might cause the 0LP01 invalid_grant_operation error:


In this incorrect example, NONEXISTENT_PRIVILEGE is not a valid privilege and would result in an error.

If you’ve checked all the above and the error persists, consider looking for more specific information related to your scenario or reaching out to the PostgreSQL community for assistance.

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