Error PRVF-5472 during an Oracle Grid infrastructure install

This is a problem with the config of the NTP daemon (ntpd) which synchronizes time across the cluster.
The specific error is to do with the boot time behavior of the daemon and needing the ‘Slewing’ option enabled.

If you need to enable slewing, you can do it by typing ‘ntpd -x’, however, the grid installer requires it to be set up to start like that at boot time.
Again, this is an easy change:

vi /etc/sysconfig/ntpd

Alter the line:
OPTIONS=”-u ntp:ntp -p /var/run/”
OPTIONS=”-x -u ntp:ntp -p /var/run/”

# Drop root to id ‘ntp:ntp’ by default.
OPTIONS=”-x -u ntp:ntp -p /var/run/”

# Set to ‘yes’ to sync hw clock after successful ntpdate

# Additional options for ntpdate

Then rerun the checks and that one should pass..

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