Deciphering MySQL Error 1078 (ER_GOT_SIGNAL): Strategies for Handling Signal-Induced Aborts

MySQL Error 1078 with the SQLSTATE code HY000 is an unusual and serious error indicating that the MySQL server process received a system signal causing it to abort. The error message “Got signal %d. Aborting!” will include the signal number, which can offer insights into why the abort was triggered.

Understanding Error 1078 – SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_GOT_SIGNAL)

This error occurs when the MySQL server process encounters an external interrupt signal, such as SIGTERM or SIGKILL, which forces it to stop running. The error message provides the signal number, which can help identify the cause of the interruption.

Diagnosing the Issue

To diagnose Error 1078, consider the following steps:

  1. Check the MySQL error log for any additional messages that may provide context for the signal.
  2. Review the system logs to see if there are related entries that indicate why a signal was sent to the MySQL process.
  3. Investigate whether there are any scheduled tasks, such as cron jobs, that may be sending signals to the MySQL process.
  4. Look for external factors such as system resource constraints or hardware issues that could be causing the system to send signals to running processes.

Fixing the Error

Example 1: Investigating System Resource Constraints

Check for system resource constraints, such as out-of-memory (OOM) conditions, that could cause the system to kill the MySQL process:

dmesg | grep -i 'killed process'

If you find that MySQL is being killed due to OOM, consider adding more memory to your system or configuring swap space.

Example 2: Reviewing Scheduled Tasks

Review any scheduled tasks that may be improperly configured to send signals to the MySQL process:

crontab -l

Ensure that no cron jobs are set up to stop or restart MySQL without proper handling.

Example 3: Configuring the System for Graceful Restarts

If you need to schedule restarts of the MySQL service, ensure they are done gracefully:

systemctl restart mysql

Use service management commands that allow for a proper shutdown and restart of the MySQL service.

Example 4: Addressing Hardware Issues

If hardware issues are suspected, such as failing disks or memory, perform hardware diagnostics and replace any faulty components.

Example 5: Monitoring for External Interruptions

Set up monitoring to alert you to external interruptions. Tools like monit can help keep an eye on the MySQL process and system health.

Example 6: Ensuring Proper User Permissions

Ensure that users with the ability to send signals to the MySQL process have the correct permissions and are following proper protocols.

Example 7: Handling Software Bugs or Incompatibilities

If a software bug or incompatibility is suspected, check for updates to MySQL and your operating system, and apply patches as needed.


MySQL Error 1078 indicates that the server process was forced to abort due to an external signal. This error requires a thorough investigation into system logs, resource usage, and potential external factors that could be impacting the MySQL process. By methodically checking these areas and applying best practices for system maintenance and monitoring, you can prevent unexpected signals from disrupting your MySQL server. Regular updates and hardware checks are also key to maintaining a stable and reliable database environment.

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