Addressing MySQL Error 2046 (CR_SHARED_MEMORY_CONNECT_SET_ERROR): A Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Shared Memory Issues

When working with MySQL on Windows, you may encounter Error 2046, which indicates a problem with the shared memory communication system. This error can occur when the MySQL client attempts to connect to the server using shared memory but is unable to send the request event to the server.

Understanding Error 2046

Shared memory is a method that allows inter-process communication by sharing a portion of memory. MySQL can use shared memory for connections when both the server and client are running on the same machine. Error 2046 suggests there’s an issue with this shared memory setup.

Diagnosing Error 2046

To resolve Error 2046, you’ll need to check several aspects of your MySQL configuration and operating environment.

Scenario 1: Shared Memory Not Enabled on MySQL Server

First, ensure that the MySQL server is configured to support shared memory connections. This is done by adding the shared-memory option to the [mysqld] section of the MySQL configuration file (my.ini):


After making this change, restart the MySQL server for the changes to take effect.

Scenario 2: Incorrect Shared Memory Base Name

If shared memory is enabled but you’re still facing issues, check that the shared memory base name is the same on both the server and client. The default base name is “MYSQL”. To specify a different name, add the shared_memory_base_name option in my.ini:


And then connect to the server with the same base name:

mysql --protocol=MEMORY --shared-memory-base-name=YOUR_BASE_NAME

Replace YOUR_BASE_NAME with the custom base name you’ve chosen.

Scenario 3: Firewall or Security Software Blocking

Ensure that no firewall or security software is blocking the shared memory segments. You may need to configure your firewall or security software to allow MySQL to communicate through shared memory.

Scenario 4: Insufficient System Resources

If the system does not have enough resources or if there are too many connections, shared memory might fail. Check your system resources (CPU, memory, etc.) and reduce the load on the server if necessary.

Scenario 5: MySQL Service Not Running

Verify that the MySQL service is running. If the service is stopped, the shared memory will not be available for connections.


Scenario 6: Client Connection Configuration

When connecting with a client, ensure that the shared memory protocol is specified. For example, using the MySQL command-line client, you would connect as follows:

mysql --protocol=MEMORY

This tells the client to use the shared memory protocol explicitly.

Scenario 7: Server Restart Required

If you’ve changed the MySQL configuration to enable shared memory or to set a shared memory base name, you will need to restart the MySQL server for changes to take effect.



Error 2046 (CR_SHARED_MEMORY_CONNECT_SET_ERROR) in MySQL typically indicates a problem with the shared memory configuration or accessibility. To resolve this issue, ensure that shared memory is enabled on the server, the base names match, system resources are sufficient, and no security software is blocking the connection. Additionally, verify that the MySQL service is running and that the client is correctly configured to use shared memory. By following these steps, you can successfully address shared memory connection issues in MySQL.

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