How to modify Voting disks in ASM

The process for modifying a votedisk that is stored on ASM differs from the process when the votedisk is stored on some other medium.

When your voting disks are stored on ASM you can move them off to non ASM storage with the replace command:

$ crsctl replace votedisk [path_to_new_votedisk]

(this can be done from any node.

The opposite is much the same and you can move all of the disks when they are not on ASM , to ASM with the replace command:

$ crsctl replace votedisk +[asm_diskgroup]

When you are not using ASM storage for your voting disks, the procedure is much the same but there are differences because, where ASM handles the replication of voting disks (you specify one disk and it is replicated depending on the protection level of your ASM disk group), when you are not using ASM, you need to manually create disks to handle replication.

You add a voting disk with the command:

$ crsctl add css votedisk [path to vote disk]

you can also delete a votedisk with the following command:

$ crsctl delete css votedisk [path the votedisk]

The only slightly more complicated option is if you want to replace the votedisk. in this case, you need to create a new one and delete the old one in one command. this is done with the ‘purge’ option which deletes the disk.

$ crsctl add css votedisk [path to votedisk] -purge