How to instantly be more powerful and feel better about yourself.

Body LanguageThe cheaters guide to being more powerful, confident and becoming the person you wish you could be (and living longer as a bonus).Its quite a promise but you will easily get that and a lot more from this short post and video.

A word of warning though is that you get absolutely no benefit whatsoever from this until you physically do it. On the plus side there is nothing easier to test and you can immediately feel the benefits. What even better is that the more that you do it, the greater the benefit that you get and the more ingrained the changes will become.

It’s one of the best and fastest acting techniques for self improvement and both powerful on its own as well as acting as a great springboard to even more improvement if you let it.

We all know that how we think and feel affects our body and our energy levels. When we are excited, we move about more and can’t sit still, when we are depressed, we curl up and sometimes can’t even be bothered out get out of bed. I think we have all felt like that at some point.

The exciting thing is that it works the other way too. Your body affects your mind, how you think and the sort of thoughts that go through your mind. So, if you act happy and energetic, your body will respond be making you more happy and energetic, or confident or outgoing. It may be hard to create the change inside you but its easy to look at how an outgoing person stands, walks and moves and copy them.

You may be dubious, but there is an easy test you can do prove this for yourself.

Take note of how happy you feel (Use a scale of 1 – 10 or whatever feels easiest). Now Smile! Just smile and hold it for 30 seconds. Now, take note of how happy you feel again.

If you have done this, you will now feel significantly happier. You may feel that this is cheating and that it isn’t genuine happiness, but happiness only exists in your head and it makes no difference if you get it from some amazing event or by creating it yourself. It is exactly the same.

So, that is an interesting technique, but how far can we take this and how much benefit can we create?

Powerful, confident people share common body language traits. They take up space, they have open posture and don’t close themselves off.

The beauty of this is that by copying the body language of powerful, confident people, you will start to think more like them and actually become more confident and powerful. You will get an immediate benefit but each time you do it, the benefit will grow and move your baseline up.

It will seem like you are faking it but at some point, you will realize that it has actually become you and you aren’t faking it at all any more.

This will happen surprisingly fast.

Amy found out that adopting a ‘power pose’ (like the hands in the air – winners pose or chest out hands on hips) for as little as 2 minutes had a dramatic effect. It increased testosterone and decreased cortisone (the stress hormone). These changes create a real physical and lasting change that will improve how you feel, improve how others perceive you and the results that you get. It also has great health benefits to boot!

To get a more in-depth and entertaining description of this, watch Amy’s TED talk.