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Amazon S3 is a huge benefit to the gaming industry. In this day of downloads being the main way to access games, it is a massively popular medium for storing the game data to be served out to gamers. Its distributed, fault tolerant and highly scalable architecture mean that it is a reliable way to get game files to users.

Did you know that you can run games directly on Amazon S3 though?. HTML5 games can live in an S3 bucket and be served directly from there.

There are quite a few games running ang being served directly from s3 buckets. 

The amazon s3 games are generally pretty simple affairs and take advantage of HTML5 and its flexibility and capability. They are small and let you play them anywhere.

They are clearly a way for people to learn games development in a simple way that allows them to distribute their creations widely and easily.

Here is a list of all of the amazon s3 games that I have found

Amazon S3 Games All


Swerve is a simple game where you control a car that is driving along a road and you click the mouse to make it swerve round corners. It gets pretty frantic at times and there are pickups to collect and things to avoid.

Robo Racer:

Robo Racer is a a runer style game but with a more analog control method. There are a couple of different tracks, coins to collect and obstacles to avoid.

Chickens Day Off

Chickens Day off is a frogger clone. You guide a cube across increasingly busy roads.

Flappy bird

Its just what you would expect with a clone of the popular Flappy Bird Game

Space Buggy

Space Buggy is a space physics driving game. The aim is to try to get along various courses as quickly as possible but the catch is that you are driving in low gravity and you only have a small amount of fuel to accelerate with. You have to be careful not to overturn your buggy.


This is a really well done version of monopoly. It looks really slick and is a great copy of the popular boardgame.


Swoop has you controlling a plane and trying to collect stars. Its a nice looking game and quite relaxing.

One thing is that there are no instructions. There is only one button that you need which seems to be the space bar to control the plane but it would be nice to have that written somewhere.

Do you know any good ones that I have missed? Let me know in the comments,

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