Some tips to help improve your Adwords campaigns.

To raise your quality score, focus on the relevance of your ad before landing pages.
The ad is the first thing that the user sees from Google’s point of view. The CTR of your ad is important because it is fair to say that ads that are more relevant to a particular search phrase get clicked more often.
To improve your quality score, work on split testing your ad until it’s CTR is at higher level before moving on to our landing pages.

Create individual landing pages for each ad group.
Google wants a clear funnel all the way through from search to the landing page. Having separate landing pages for each ad group allows you to tailor much more specifically for each keyword.

Don’t expect to see changes to your Quality score immediately.
Google has stated that you can expect to see improvements after making a change “over the next several months”. So, if you make a change and see no improvements, don’t give up too soon.

Don’t forget about the Display Network.
With CTR’s 6 times the industry average, GDN is worth looking into to maximise returns. Split your search and display campaigns out though to be safe.

Focus on site quality for organic listings but, landing pages for Adwords.
Site quality is not a big issue for Adwords. The things that you should be focusing on are the relevance of your ad and your landing page.

Don’t use ad position to effect CTR.
It would seem to make sense that if CTR is used to determine relevance and therefore quality score and if higher ad positions almost always get higher CTR’s, then getting a higher position will improve quality score. This would not be fair and is not the case. Google factors in ad position when using CTR to calculate quality score.

Think of how the ad will be effected when thinking of how much to split keywords into ad groups.

If an ad would look significantly different when it is matched to different keywords, it is worth using a new ad group. You need to factor in volume when doing this though and assess if the work is worth the benefit.

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